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January 2019
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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:42 am

If you are new, please read the rules
If you are a member, please read the rules
If you are a guest, you surely are NOT exempt from the rules... SO PAY ATTENTION!


Like a Star @ heaven 2. CURSING is NOT Prohibited, however, raunchy words like : "P*ssy", "C*nt", "F*ck", are NOT allowed! Those words are deplorable and should never be used by young ladies.

Like a Star @ heaven 3. I will NOT tolerate dissrespect! Think of each other as a sister, you wouldn't do it to your sister and you certainly wouldn't let anyone else do it.

Like a Star @ heaven 4. I will NOT stand for dissrespect towards any staff members including me. If such is commited the member in question will be warned and if they still decide to violate the warning, then that member will be BANNED for a MONTH! Depending on the severity of the case, FOREVER and deleted from the forum. That member can forget about EVER trying to re-register here again!

Like a Star @ heaven 5. BE KIND... Do unto others as you'd like others to treat you!

Like a Star @ heaven 6. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS... If a board says "Games" post your favorite game in that board, start a game, link to a game- please do NOT start talking about your new Hilary Duff CD that you bought from Wal-Mart with your mom last friday before your super-duper slumber party! That is NOT allowed! (and besides, everyone will think you're weird.. JK, LOL)

Like a Star @ heaven 7. DO NOT BE A PEST... If someone says that they are going to do something for you, then wait it out. They don't owe you anything. Just wait a while. I'm sure that EVERYONE has a life outside of this forum... Take a Chill Pill!

Like a Star @ heaven 8. NO BUMPING, SPAMMING. You wont be banned but you will be dubbed "The Annoying Girl" of the forum... that is NOT a good look! What would you girlfriends at school think if they knew this? (LOL)

Like a Star @ heaven 9. If you are a new member! WELCOME! Please take your time to introduce your self, dont be such a stranger.

Like a Star @ heaven 10. HAVE FUN- MAKE FRIENDS- BE HAPPY but NEVER... EVER post any of your personal information on this forum. Its a public forum and even if it wasn't YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THE USERNAME AND SMILIES! I don't know who these people are... be safe (Its ten times better than being sorry in the long run) think safe, do safe things. Its never shameful for being overprotective of YOU- it IS shameful when you do reckless things in regards to your own safety! I want everyone on this forum to be safe- PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!

See that wasn't so bad...

That's it for the rules- for now! Check back periodically to see if there are any changes or additions.

Later Chica's!
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