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 Psychic vampirism

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Number of posts : 50
Age : 32
Location : France,Pairis

PostSubject: Psychic vampirism   Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:13 am

After looking at the announcement post i decided to get some info on the Psychic vampires.
hope this helps annabelle. It realy helped me understand alot of things

Psychic vampirism is hard to recognized. Some psychic vampires self-identify on the basis of how they feel; others rely on how they seem to affect people around them. But some psychic vampires hold that the only way to know if you are a psychic vampire is to be “recognized” by other, "experienced" psychic vampires who read your aura or "energy signature".

Here are some basic indicators to check if you are a psychic vampire (treat these as guidelines only).

Like a Star @ heaven feeling a strong sense of "drawing energy" in the presence of other people
(which may be experienced as a sense of fullness, a sensation of pressure or inward
"suction" in the solar plexus or above the bridge of the nose, a sense of sudden
elation, euphoria, or increased vigor, or an odd optical illusion that the area around
you has gotten a little brighter, as though someone just turned on an extra lamp somewhere);

Like a Star @ heaven feeling a sense of "energy overload" in which you easily "hit the wall" in social
situations and need to withdraw and be alone; and lassitude, weakness and depression
when you're cut off from your usual social interactions.

Some psychic vampires include emotional empathy ("feeling" other people's emotions and experiencing them) as a symptom, although non-vampires can be highly empathic. Effects on other people might include depression, fatigue, or loss of energy when people are around you, people sometimes avoiding you or withdrawing from you for no apparent reason, or people giving you harsh feedback about your alleged neediness, clingyness, intrusiveness or negativity.

However the feeding is performed, most psychic vampires report to get greatly invigorated physically and psychologically. Feeding can cause an amphetamine like rush.

Like blood vampires, psychic vampires feel that they must "feed" on the energy they require on a regular basis, and many report physical feelings of discomfort if they are denied access to a source. Symptoms of "energy deprivation" include extreme fatigue, depression, mood swings, immune system suppression with an increase in illnesses, uncontrollable "draining" of non-targeted sources, insomnia and anxiety, along with negative reactions from others close to the psychic vampire.

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Number of posts : 219
Age : 23
Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh

PostSubject: Re: Psychic vampirism   Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:19 am

WHOAH! Well, isnt the term vampires technically reffering to creatures who drink blood? if someone 's source of living is the suction of energy from other human beings, then why should they be called psychic "vampires"? maybe they're called something else....oh well, all these seriously creeps me out.

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Number of posts : 276
Age : 29
Location : Phx, Az

PostSubject: Re: Psychic vampirism   Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:23 am

LOL i know.... its because they do also drink blood. but it aint the main thing they do.
they are called that way because thy suck on your energy leaving you drained. A vamp. can make some one commit sudiced!they are things/ hummans?? lol that know how to play with your mind to self esteem them selfs. but they also have certain super natural powers
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic vampirism   

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Psychic vampirism
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